Spies M Plessis Incorporated was initially founded by Nettie Moffatt in 2010, under the name NW Moffatt Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary. Lerika Du Plessis joined in 2012 and the name of the firm changed to NW Moffatt & Du Plessis Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries. At that stage Nettie left the practice and pursue her passion and became more involved in corporate governance with other entities. As founding member of the company, she still shares her knowledge, expertise and insight with the team. From 2013 Lerika attended to full time consultancy work for a firm in Johannesburg. In 2018 Lerika returned to the firm on a full time basis and joined forces with Johanni Spies, and the name of the firm was changed to Spies M Plessis Inc. With Lerika at the head of the professional team and Johanni focussing mainly on antenuptial contracts as Professional Consultant, Spies M Plessis Inc. look forward being of assistance to you in any legal matter within our speciality.

Our Vision

Our VisionĀ is to strive to provide individuals and organisations with efficient, professional and cost-effective legal services.

Our Mission

  • To complete every instruction handed to us effectively and successfully
  • To be approachable to the individuals and organisations
  • To give the best advice
  • To be cost-effective
  • To know our product and the market

Our Values

  • We will be trustworthy and act with integrity by protecting the confidentiality of all information we are entrusted with
  • Our quality of work will be of the highest standards and presented in a professional manner
  • We will act proactively and take ownership of delivering work to standard
  • Our relationships with our clients will be transparent, supportive, respecting, active and robust.

Our team

Johanni Spies

Johanni Spies

Johanni Spies(B.A (Law)LLB CIS)
Johanni was admitted as an attorney in July 2004 at Potgieters Incorporated whereafter she joined Spies Attorneys as conveyancer. In 2006 she was admitted as a Notary of the High Court. Early 2009 she embraced the business sector in professional sport re sponsorships and endorsements. Johanni later joined FSF Attorneys. She also made her mark as top BSC in a company within the telecommunication sector and completed her international board exam in 2018 and is now a qualified CIS.
Lerika du Plessis

Lerika du Plessis

(B.A(Law) LLB)
Graduated from the former Potchefstroom University of CHE. Through her great passion for conveyancing, she successfully completed her conveyancing and notary examinations while still serving under her contract of articleship. She was admitted as an attorney, conveyancer & notary during September 2004. After her admission she practiced as a conveyancer, specializing in commercial property finance. She also gained a lot of experience in all aspects of conveyancing thoughout her career and became a specialist property lawyer with exceptional skill and diligence in conveyancing and notary practice.

As seen on TV

As seen on TV

The Spies M Plessis Incorporated team was recently on “Die Groot Ontbyt” show.

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